Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Art Journal Prompts

Hey Guys!

Last night I was thinking about how I really want to start Bible Art Journaling. I even signed up for a class that was being offered at my church. The class is very introductory and so far we are covering the use of materials etc. which is fine with me, you never know when you might learn something new and it's a fun class overall. Anyway, I began to remember how during one of our first class meetings some people were expressing how they hoped the class would be more journaling and a little less artsy. I then thought to myself... What advice would I give if asked how to approach the journaling aspect? This brings me to today's Blog post.

So here are some of my thoughts....First, I think Bible Journaling should be a fun process as would be any non-Bible journaling process. I think that it should be a positive outlet and it is a form of Praise and Worship. I can see how it could be more journaling than art for some people as it is a good way to reflect on your walk with Christ. Second, I believe that regardless of where you are when it comes to your prayer life (Newbie or Prayer Warrior) it is always a good idea to pray and or maybe do some daily reading before journaling as it will help establish your thoughts and it can get the juices flowing. If you are a Newbie or you're going through a season of struggle in your prayer life, perhaps this process can strengthen your prayer habits. Lastly, there really is no right or wrong to how you approach your Bible Jounaling. Some people journal directly in their Bible and others choose a separate notebook. Some people prefer to journal about bible verses and others might want to get personal and cry out to God in their pages. Can you imagine how great it would be to be able to look back at this journal of yours and seeing all that God has done? What an encouragement right? What a great tool when encouraging others and to share God's love with examples!

Just for fun I have taken a few minutes to create a few list of journaling prompts for you to use.  :)

Bible Journal Prompts #1

 5 Favorite Scriptures
 What is your Favorite Bible Story?
 Who is your favorite Bible character? And Why?
 What are your favorite Bible Verses Spoken by Jesus?
 Write about when God delivered you through a trial/s.
 Most joyous Christian living moment.
 Write about your testimony. Who were you before Jesus?
 Write about the most memorable moments of answered prayers.
 What are you most grateful for as a Christian?
 What changes do you wish to see take place in your life?

Bible Jpournal Prompts #2

Pick a verse from your daily reading
Pray and then journal the topic that is on your heart at that moment.
Make a journal page that glorifies a quality of the Lords character.
Thoughts on your favorite or current Christian book.
Journal the lyrics of your favorite worship song and what they mean to you.
Journal about the first time you heard of the name Jesus.
What would you tell your younger self about living for Christ if you could go back in time?
What advice would you give others if you knew someone who was about to walk away from Jesus.
What would be your ideal way of sharing the love of Christ with others?
   What are the talents that God has given you?